Our company has highly qualified professional staff with expertise in almost all key fields of engineering and environmental matters.

This attitude has allowed to several of them work as associate professors and heads of major departments of Engineering and Environment.

List of Professionals

+ Sergio A. Reyes

Geotechnical expert, Prof. Civil Eng (UNS)
Master in Eng. Sc. (University of Western Ontario).

+ Jorge A. Reyes

Structural Design Expert, Prof., Civil Ing. (UNS)

+ Marcos Rubén Darqui

Civil Eng. Project Manager (UNS)

+ Pablo E. Pascualetti

Port Eng.
(UNS - Master CEDEX, España)

+ Fernanda Elías

Bachelor, Phd. in Biological Science (UNS)

+ Ricardo Hughes

Highway Design expert, Civil Eng. (UNS)

+ Rocío V. Moratto

Civil Eng. (UNS)

+ Rafael Enrique Corral

Industrial Eng. (UNS)

+ Amílcar Ferrari

Expert in vegetal Oil Extraction Plants,
Industrial Engineer (UNS)

+ Ricardo Mataini

Civil and Railway Eng.
(Universidad Nacional del La Plata - UBA)

+ Leandro de Pablo

Electronic Eng. (UTN)

+ María Gabriela Heguilen

Civil Eng. Health and Safety Expert (UNS - UTN)


In 2018 we certified the
ISO 9001 Standard (2015)

An active commitment towards efficiency improvement

Download our quality policy ISO 9001